Hardware procurement: buy, contract subsidy or lease with Workplace as a Service

Equip your business with the hardware you need at low prices

Getting the right hardware, from PC to notebooks, tablets and company phones, is very time consuming. Which device best meets the requirements of your own IT environment, where do I get the best price and which provider has the most attractive payment terms. This becomes a full-time job even with a small number of devices.

As a BPV group of companies, we have the big distributors at our hands and our specialists are exploring the market on a daily basis. Thanks to the knowledge built up over many years, we realistically assess which hardware you need and procure it at the best prices. This frees up resources in your IT department that you can use for more important tasks.

Please do not have more hardware than necessary.

Each employee has a phone, a service phone, a PC, a tablet and possibly a private phone. Is that necessary? We know how and what you work with most efficiently. On request, we analyze the actual state of affairs:what hardware is available to your employees, what the terms of rent and leasing are – and give you an honest assessment of where we see a need for change. Together with you, we will discuss whether a purchase or leasing model is worthwhile for your requirements. The decision to “lease or buy” differs among many companies. We will show you the advantages of both options below. If you are unsure, let’s talkabout it.

Hardware lease: Workplace as a Service (WaaS)

The problem with hardware is that it may be outdated again tomorrow. That’s why many companies prefer the flexibility of Workplace as a Service ( WaaSfor short ). This is where the trend of “use instead of owning” is taken up. The required hardware is not purchased, but rented. Similar to an apartment rental, you are not the owner, but only pay monthly rent for use. We take care of the maintenance measures for you. This means that the BPV Group will take care of upgrades, maintenance and replacement of defective and stolen equipment if you wish. The leasing rates depend on the mileage of the contract and how many workplaces are set up.

BPV Group offers you the Complete service: The Hardware procurement takes place at the best prices, the devices are set up directly, replaced in case of damage and old devices are disposed of sustainably and certified and logged to protect your sensitive company data. Not only have you saved time, but the technology is always up-to-date, whether it’s updates or licenses. We call it LIAM (Lifecycle Asset Management). This allows you to react quickly and flexibly to changes in your company. New colleagues receive their devices immediately. And if there is a loss of jobs in your company, you don’t have unnecessary hardware in stock that ties capital.

Another advantage is tax deductibility. The IT costs for hardware leasing and maintenance are recorded monthly at your operating costs (Opex) for operational expenditure. Opex expenses have several advantages: On the one hand, you have lower capital expenditures, because you do not buy the devices, but lease them. Opex expenses can also be claimed in full for tax purposes. And on the other hand, you can invest the capital saved in other things or areas and thereby maximize your profit.

The advantages of WaaS:

  • Reducing capital commitment to rapidly ageing technology
  • Greater flexibility – Through your trust, we create freedom and efficiency in the workplace
  • Software procurement also runs through us on request – so the software is always up to date
  • Better scalability—you know the monthly costs; Repair costs and losses in the event of theft are eliminated
  • Elimination of high acquisition costs
  • Tax advantage, as monthly operating costs (Opex)
  • Satisfied employees thanks to functioning and ready-to-use technology
  • 24-hour emergency service in case of defect or loss
  • Sustainable disposal of waste equipment
  • Certified & Logged Data Erasure
  • Focus on your core business

If leasing is out of the question – you can also buy the hardware from us

Some companies are reluctant to rent the hardware monthly. You would prefer to spend money once so that the equipment goes into your possession and no further costs arise – apart from the operating and maintenance costs. The purchased hardware is directly included in the balance sheet as an investment expense (Capex – English for capital expenditure).

Keep in mind, however, that it takes a lot of time to find the right hardware and good value for money. Not all companies know the market as well as we do, and know which provider has the best offer for which requirements. In addition, many companies limit themselves to just one vendor, so that they do not have two or equal contacts for the hardware – this limits them.

Another disadvantage of purchase are defective or stolen devices. Once the warranty period has expired, a manufacturer will hardly replace defective equipment free of charge. If you have not taken out theft insurance, it can be expensive to procure new equipment – not to mention the time.

Please also consider the professional disposal of waste equipment. When the life cycle of a device is over, it is replaced by a new device. But the old hardware must be disposed of professionally, software must be rendered harmless. You may still get a few euros for the legacy.

No matter how you decide whether you want to buy or lease the hardware: We at the BPV Group take care of a sustainable disposal of your old equipment, replace defective or stolen equipment within 24 hours and have a perfect overview of the entire market. This allows us to promise you the procurement of the hardware at the best prices.

The advantages of purchasing hardware:

  • The hardware will pass into your possession after purchase.
  • You do not have to pay monthly costs (except operating and maintenance costs).
  • Here, too, you have the possibility to use our services.

Do you have any other wishes?

Whether you buy the right hardware from us or lease it: we supply you with the necessary accessories right away. We also equip you with headphones, mouse, keyboard, docking station, monitor and much more so that the mobile workspace is complete.
On request, we can play the latest software and the appropriate licenses for your company and offer you the latest operating system. In our offering we have the best manufacturers on the market, such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, HP, Dell, Huawai, Google and more.

What about contract subsidies?

Mobile operators are happy to offer the devices with the tariffs. Because if you get your devices through the contract, they would get particularly favorable devices“. This is suggested by many buyers and companies. But the customer then pays significantly more money per month for this contract and thus completely pays off the value of the mobile phone over the term. From this point of view, these contractual constellations are an instalment purchase of an end device in combination with a tariff.

We from the BPV group of companies have a clear view in the tariff jungle. We look at your requirements, compare all major suppliers in the market and can arrange a best price for you through our large number of customers. Since we also act as an interface between you and the mobile carriers, you have only one contact person. You can be sure that we always act transparently and fairly. Let’s talkabout your wishes.

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    The goal is always absolute customer satisfaction

    We were not satisfied with our mobile operator. The BPV Group has not only offered us alternatives with which we are now saving money, they have also accompanied us throughout the entire change process.

    Daniel Kipke IT Administrator STRENGE Ltd.

    We are constantly on duty for our residents and must therefore of course always be accessible. The BPV Group has convincingly presented to us which network is best for us, where our savings potential lies and even stands helpfully at our door in case of emergency. Just like ours with our residents.

    Markus Klukas Authorized representative, commercial control and control Savings and Construction Association Dortmund eG

    Working with the BPV group of companies is like road traffic without signs, traffic lights and police officers. And without accidents. Everything runs smoothly, according to a pre-agreed schedule. Effortless, relaxed and perfect. We are extremely satisfied with the products and services of BPV GmbH!

    Matthias Vogel Head of It Department Provinzial NordWest AG

    The BPV Group is an agile and reliable full-service partner that supports us in significantly and demonstrably improving the satisfaction of our internal customers.

    Bert Klauke IT Director Operational Technology HELLA Corporate Center

    In our company we had contracts with various mobile operators and terms. Keeping an eye on everything here has cost us valuable resources, which we would rather invest in our own projects. The BPV team has helped us with various measures to optimize costs, significantly streamline the entire structure and create uniform running times. We still have contracts with different network operators, but the BPV also controls and manages this colourful mix from a single source and makes our work massively easier.

    Maik Walter IT management HEIFO GmbH & Co. KG

    Strong partners by our side

    With strong partners at our side, we can offer you a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs.